Returns into

Recovered Profits

Refurbished Products

Resale Opportunities

Recycled Products


We set the standard for returns management. Cosmo Electronics is Canada’s premier turnkey logistics company that specializes in recovering lost profits from returns and distressed inventory while contributing to a greener footprint and making the planet more sustainable.

Our Story?

Since 1984, we have been providing simple fully managed return solutions for Large Retailers and Manufacturers. We make it simple for retailers and manufacturers to recuperated lost profit from their returns. We can take the whole painful process of returns and turn it into a profitable part of your business. 

Our Solutions

Cosmo can help drive financial recovery for your company in a simple and cost-effective manner. We provide companies a simple solution for profit recovery on your product returns.
We build relationships that are mutually beneficial. To us, a true partnership is one where both parties are aligned in their goals and have a financial stake in the upside they create together.
We don’t have one solution for all. Instead, we work with partners to understand their challenges and customize solutions to optimize their reverse supply chain and increase the bottom line. For over 30 years we built our reputation on the results we’ve achieved with our partners.


For Retailers

Returns are unavoidable, but they don’t have to be a problem. Retailers recover 50% more value from their returns on average when working with Cosmo.


For Manufacturers

Manufacturers regularly wait 30-60 days to receive returns before they can devise a resale strategy. With Cosmo manufacturers can have payment of received product in as little as 7 days.


For the Environment

As a responsible company, we remove the financial and environmental impact of Retailers and Manufacturers. We provide a green and positive journey. Let us devise a green return strategy for your company that promotes a positive message and image.


Our Partners

With modest beginnings in 1984 we have grown to deal with some of the largest retailers and suppliers in Canada and the world.


Results Driven?

Recover Profits

$3+ Million recovered for our clients annually.

Refurbished Products

15,000+ products refurbished annually.

Resale Opportunities

35,000+ products find a new home, avoiding reclycling.

A Greener Planet

250,000 Metric Tons of CO2 removed from the environment, contributing to a greener planet.